Custom Tattoos

I am always accepting bookings for custom tattoos at my studio in Orange, CA. My style is based in Traditional American tattooing with a vintage illustration influence and I work within a palette of black, red, and golden yellow.


Show Pigeon Up For Grabs

I regularly paint original tattoo flash and I offer all of my designs as one-offs or limited-run (meaning that I only tattoo them once or a few times before retiring the design). For an appointment to pick from my up-for-grabs, please contact me. You can get a preview of my available designs in the "Up For Grabs" highlight reel on Instagram @showpigeon.


Pigeon the Kewp Doll

In addition to enjoying Pigeon the Kewp Doll as an art and play book, you can get tattoos from the images. The designs shown on the prints that come with the book are available as customizable tattoos, or you can set an appointment to create your tattoo design from the paper dolls I have at the studio.