Check out Evie Yapelli’s Artwork - SDVoyager, January 2019 “Say yes to creative opportunities and stick to them even when you’re scared or think you can’t possibly find the time. Build friendships with other creatives who inspire you so that your social life contributes to your dream instead of taking the focus away from it…”

Evie Yapelli of Show Pigeon Tattoo is a Kewpie Master -, December 2018 “A lot of contemporary tattooers are aiming to bring what they know from formal painting into the world of tattoos, but I’m doing the opposite. I’m bringing what I know from tattooing into my paintings…”

Meet Evie Yapelli of Show Pigeon - Voyage LA, June 2018 “I can see hints of what I do now in my early work, even in the very first tattoo flash I painted when I was pursuing an apprenticeship, but it’s come a long way and solidified into a characteristic style…”

Testifying Through Tattoos: An Interview with Evie Yapelli -, November 2016 “I’ve used my artwork before to support causes I believe in, mainly by donating paintings to art sales and auctions for various organizations. But it was new to me to be able to do something with my art that was purposeful at this scale…”


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